Admissions Committee: The Admissions Committee is responsible for reading the candidate’s application and deciding whether or not they qualify to be a member of Panavat.

Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining, developing, updating, and monitoring Panavat’s social media accounts and electronic groups. It is also responsible for developing marketing material and for recommending new or alternative ways for Panavat to communicate with its members and other stakeholders in the industry.

Training Committee: The Training Committee is responsible for identifying, developing and offering training opportunities for Panavat´s members to expand and/or refine their knowledge and to keep up to date with developments in the industry.

Accessibility and Inclusive Language Committee: The Accessibility and Inclusive Language Committee is responsible for sharing resources and creating opportunities to learn, educate and engage the different stakeholders in the audiovisual industry about accessibility and inclusive language.

Events Committee: The Events Committee is responsible for organizing activities for our members both online and in person.

Awards Committee: The Awards Committee is responsible for organising and running the Panavat Awards to showcase the outstanding work of members working in AVT in our region.

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